Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 Demo Video

This video, after break, is worth seeing because it shows the UI doesn’t stutter. That was a bit of a concern given it’s still using the Rockchip 3188.

Also on view here is the Gallery/Photos app. That seems a wee bit laggy.

Two videos and a game are also shown.

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4 responses to “Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 Demo Video

  1. Thomas

    What is the chance another company rebrands it?

  2. Hi there, I just noticed that one of the suppliers of iFive Mini 3 states that the battery capacity is 4100mAh. Given that the retina display should draw more power, would that mean ~that the life expectancy when using the tablet would be ~4-5 hours?
    Kind regards

    • mikecane

      No one has opened one up yet, but I think the initial battery spec was wrong. It’s 5,200mAh according to later published specs.

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