The Samsung Gear Fit: This Is It

Off the top of my head I can think of three times in my life when I’ve seen a product and exclaimed, “That’s it!”

1) The Macintosh GUI
2) The Palm Pilot PDA
3) The iPhone (encompasses iPad too)

Now I have to add the new Samsung Gear Fit to that list.

I ignored the Mobile World Congress news about it and today happened to click on a CNet story about it: Perfect Fit: Why the Samsung Gear Fit might be a hint of wristbands to come

I was immediately seduced by the lead photo with the clock and that colorful wallpaper.

Depending On Price, The Samsung Gear Fit Could Dominate The Wearables Market

Best of all it lacks all the nonsense found on its larger brothers. The Fit doesn’t sport a camera, speaker or a massive screen. It’s svelte and sexy just like a smartwatch should be.

I think Samsung has beaten Apple to cracking The Wrist Code.

Every smartwatch I’ve seen so far is like a tablet that’s been thrown into water to shrink it.

The Fit has a new scrollable three-across UI that is just perfect.

Samsung has shown how to do it but will likely screw it up by placing this in the silo of their hardware.

This just screams to be a device that anyone can link to, whether they’re using an iPhone, iPad, or any Android phone or tablet.

Samsung is forgetting that the iPod didn’t become the world-dominating success it was until it was made compatible with Windows.

That was an idea that Apple employees actually had to fight with Steve Jobs about too. He was otherwise content to leave it with a Mac-only connection.

Samsung seems to be similarly shortsighted here.

The wrist is the first market Samsung can steal from Apple. They can dominate this if they aren’t selfish about it.

So Samsung, make an iOS app for it. And when Apple refuses to put it in the App Store, you can raise holy hell about it, gaining worldwide headlines and the sympathy of government regulators everywhere. The public relations alone would be something all of your advertising and marketing dollars could never buy.

What I think Samsung will actually do is keep it for themselves.

Which will make China ramp up the copying machines — and we’ll get from Shenzen brands the widespread connectivity that Samsung refused to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wind up wearing a wristband from Xiaomi instead of Samsung.

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  1. If they make a Windows and Windows Phone app, I’ll buy this smart watch.

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