HP Slate 8 Pro Is De-Listed

When going to HP’s site now, instead of the Slate 8 Pro is a listing for the “HP 8 1401 Tablet.”



The full listing with specs.

Do you know what that is? It’s their Chinese-market iPad Mini clone released several months ago as the Compaq 8 Mini.


All they’ve done is change the name, import it to the U.S., and cram into it some of the same apps they offered with the Slate 8 Pro.

And if you’re wondering about the Allwinner A31s CPU in it, here’s the AnTuTu 4.x score via China:


That’s an honest score for the A31s (not the 20,000 Ramos keeps insisting for its K1).

If this tablet seems eerily familiar, it’s also known as the MSI Primo 81.

Note that just like the MSI Primo, this HP 8 1401 tablet also lacks Bluetooth.

Lest you think they’ve moved the Slate 8 Pro over to their business-oriented tablet site, the answer — at post time — is No.


Yes, I see there’s room for a fourth tablet in that banner. But I just can’t be optimistic. That Slate 7 Extreme they’re now listing on their business site still has an inadequate 1GB of RAM. It’s hardly business-ready.

The Slate 8 Pro listing can still be seen via this direct link — but that doesn’t mean it’s actually available. Besides, with this mysterious de-listing of it, do you really want to risk money like that?

I never got to even fondle or test the Slate 8 Pro. Does its new absence make me wish I could get one now?


It still has just 1GB of RAM.


Additionally here:

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13 responses to “HP Slate 8 Pro Is De-Listed

  1. M. Smith

    Can’t understand why HP didn’t push/support this tablet more. There were/are very few choices using the Tegra 4 SoC and the chip does incredibly well from a benchmark perspective. That being said, HP’s support/development of tablets (or lack there of) is well documented. I guess in HP’s case, the more that changes, the more it stays the same. That’s a shame b/c I was looking forward to taking a flier on the Slate 8 went it went down in price.


  2. What a pathetic company. I guess I’m screwed because I delayed having my cracked Slate 8 Pro replaced via warranty.
    This also means no Kit Kat for us Slate 8 Pro users.
    I will do everything in my power to let as many people know that HP products should be avoided.

    • mikecane

      I’m being stupid and hoping what this really means is that a refresh of it is coming with a slimmer, lighter design and 2Gbs of RAM. I’m being *really* delusional here. What I really expect is nothing — because of their past record. If you can get HP Support to replace yours, do it.

  3. E.T.

    BTW, it seems (from a search in https://www.google.com/shopping) that other retailers like bestbuy and newegg are still selling it:

  4. edward durrell

    Hang on, not actually delisted. If you hit the “all tablets” link on the page that doesn’t show the 8 pro, you get a fuller listing that does include it


    The three device listing including the lower end 8 incher also doesn’t list the “extreme” 7 incher, which they are doing some marketing on.

    • mikecane

      That could simply be sloppiness on the part of HP’s webmaster(s). According to Twitter Search, it’s still actively being sold in Europe. It seems to me American leadership has somehow soured in it and are dumping it outside the U.S.. That no 2GB RAM version has appeared tells me this is an orphan device, period.

  5. edward durrell

    Oh, also there’s an actual review of the 8 pro out now, and very bad news: there’s a touchscreen bug that’s easy to replicate. For reading, not a big deal; for typing and gaming, probably a great big deal.


    • mikecane

      Yes, I saw that at the time but didn’t link to it. I probably should have since it points out the problems that just 1GB of RAM brings.

  6. M. Smith

    I’m not sure if that’s a RAM issue or a optimization issue. I’m almost certain that the lag that author was noting is not consistent across other 1GB tablet models. Of course, there’s no way with the TS issue and lousy WiFi that I’d even throw $150 at it let alone $330. It’s a shame too b/c the Tegra 4 is a damn good SoC.

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  8. R. Carrion

    Is it common to have 2GB of ram in this size pad? Most I see are 1GB. I totally agree 2GB would be helpful and one would think it wouldn’t be that hard to do. If you can stuff a Tegra 4 in there, what more is 2GB of ram.

    I tried this Slate 8 Pro tablet, I got lag and stutter during mostly powerful games although a few games were not powerhouses and they stuttered too. Noticable too. But on the flipsde nothing crashed on me. I thought the screen looked really good and I had no issues with the touchscreen like some did. You wonder if these tablets are not all created equal. Another words, some just work better and worse in areas than others. Going through problems, multi-tasking, loading, that all worked well though.

    It seems HP has totally given up on the Slate 8 Pro tablet, they’ve dropped the price to $200, frankly given the way they advertised this line of tablets (nearly not at all) should we be surprised? It’s like they just threw out a tablet for the sake of throwing one out. A shame it didn’t perform better in my case or that they didn’t try and make something out of it. Because beyond the 1GB of ram, the spec sheet is fairly impressive.

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