Status Of Retina-Class iFive Mini 3


IMP3Net has an advertorial post that over one thousand people pre-ordered the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 [Google Translate] and a second advertorial post that’s recruiting astroturfers to buy it for half price through March 9th [Google Translate].

What does this mean for you, if you’re interested in buying it?

Wait for the astroturf reports.


Here’s the iFive invitation to garner astroturfers [Google Translate].

What’s interesting is this bit:

1, the article [astroturf forum posting] must be impartial and objective experience, and for the original. Five elements of technology on trial without any interference in the content of the article;

In other words: Tell the truth, iFive will not vet the content, and it must be in your own words as your honest experience.

In past posts, I talked about how extraordinary the photography was in these astroturf posts. There’s a reason for that too! One of the qualifications to buy at half price:

3 camera model used:

To qualify, you must have a pro-level camera (ownership likely means you can also take pro-quality photos).

However, even with iFive exhorting people to give their own honest opinion, you know damn well no one is going to say anything that would disqualify them from participating in future graft half price deals.

This is why I take all of these astroturf forum posts with a huge dose of salt.

Anyway, I would at least wait for these reports because sometimes at least minor Gotchas slip through that could change your mind about buying.

It should also be noted that as of earlier this week, the iFive Fans forum members who were the earliest buyers have been reporting that it still doesn’t have a stable ROM. But iFive must be close to fixing that if they’re recruiting astroturfers. We’ll see.

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2 responses to “Status Of Retina-Class iFive Mini 3

  1. M. Smith

    Retina screen with a RK3188. How is this considered an advance in tablet technology? Haven’t we been down this road of ChinaPads pushing retina like screens using SoC’s that can’t handle the processing requirements? Now to make the limitations of the GPU in the R3188 even more obvious we’re going to create a tablet with a even higher resolution screen. Reminds me of how Hollywood reboots movie franchises nowadays to make a quick buck. The reboot adds nothing new to the original content and more than likely causes creates a movie vastly inferior to the original one.


    • mikecane

      In Five’s defense, they’re at least using faster RAM and storage to try to speed things up — while prior generations of Retina-class tablets used the same slow RAM and storage as iPad Mini clones. We’re still several months away from the RK3288 being available — and Five says they’ll be the first to use it. Probably in their 9.7-inch tablet first.

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