Onda V975M: Fast Iteration Angers Early Buyers

An IMP3Net forum thread points out the hazards of buying an early production run of a Chinese tablet [Google Translate].

In the short time it’s been out, Onda has apparently cranked out three iterations of the Retina-class 9.7-inch Onda V975M tablet.

And that’s angered early buyers because their version lacks something important.

The first two iterations lack Bluetooth.

Box for first version:


Box for third version:


At the right, the bottom blue roundrect lists Bluetooth 4.0 in the third iteration.

This is the price of being impatient. I can’t be that sympathetic towards those who bought early. As native Chinese, they should be used to this kind of thing from their tablet makers. Besides, I don’t know if Onda marketed the earlier iterations as having Bluetooth or not. If Bluetooth was added later, the early buyers really don’t have a case. They knew what they were paying for — and it didn’t include Bluetooth.

All tablets undergo revisions during their production run. Sometimes it’s a tweak to fix a possible problem. Sometimes it’s to swap out one part for another. Sometimes it’s a total redesign of the board itself in order to reduce production costs even further.

Know what you’re getting for your money. Visit the tablet maker’s website. Don’t rely on middlemen sellers who sometimes publish incorrect specs.

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4 responses to “Onda V975M: Fast Iteration Angers Early Buyers

  1. Thomas

    Do you know if the 3rd revision has any more alternations than just the Bluetooth?

  2. M. Smith

    What burns me is when tablet manufacturers run out of component parts and then start mixing and matching new components to keep up with demand. Then, they have to release a new firmware for it to support the new product. At this point, you’ll have several different firmwares necessary for THE SAME MODEL. This happened numerous times with Chuwi’s v88 which caused massive confusion for users and caused quite a few to “brick” their tablet when flashing incompatible firmwares.


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