Repeating: Google Against Dual-Boot Tablets

Via PadHz, here, February 23, 2014: Google Forbids Windows/Android Dual-Boot Tablets

CNet, February 25, 2014: No Nirvana? Is Asus rethinking Android-Windows 8.1 device?

CNet, March 7, 2014: Google cited as bothered by Android-Windows hybrid

I often get shit on Twitter for citing Chinese reports. I understand that sometimes they seem unbelievable — and add to that the ambiguity of Google Translate.

Yet many times I’ve found they have the real deal before anyone in America notices.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if dual-boot machines are killed by Google. All they really do is aid Microsoft. That’s not something Google wants.

I’m sure Asus will cite either “no market demand” or the catch-all “technical issues” when finally announcing the cancellation.

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