Another Video Of The Retina-Class iFive Mini 3


It’s mostly blurry but provides some new information even though it’s in Spanish and I don’t understand a word of it.

Some CPU-Z screens (click all snaps to enlarge):



A widget in action at top left (Calendar?):


Now this is where it gets interesting. See the highlighted icon at bottom left:


That’s vlc video player. And he demos it:


The first video he plays is one of the Hobbit movies. It plays smoothly.

But then he plays the sample music video iFive includes and it’s pretty much a disaster …


… the video stutters, skips, and as can be seen at the bottom in the above screen, breaks up.

Judging from looking at this blurry snap …


… I think that video (second row, left) is 1080 or even above; format unknown. However, the video player Five Technology includes with the tablet can play it just fine.

Sometime within the next two weeks we should begin seeing reviews at Chinese tech sites and the astroturfers bombing their forums with their posts.

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