Ramos: Dual-Boot Windows/Android Tablet

1Pad is reporting that Ramos will introduce a dual-boot Windows 8.x/Android tablet on March 20th [Google Translate].


Given that this is an idea Google is rumored to be against, I wonder what influence Google can have over preventing it coming to market.

And if they can’t prevent it coming to market, just how much Android will there actually be in this tablet? Setting aside mutations like the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, the market has shown that people want the Google services as part of Android — which is why we’ve seen even low-end tablet makers get Google certification for their tablets.

Since this dual-boot scheme is the work of Intel, this could actually be Intel vs. Google, with Intel’s partners caught in the cross-fire.

My own opinion is that Google should just let it happen.

This move interests me in terms of the competitors and issues involved. Otherwise, at the moment I have no interest in such a tablet.

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2 responses to “Ramos: Dual-Boot Windows/Android Tablet

  1. Google doesn’t care and the market doesn’t care. Wintel always fails it’s funny.

    • mikecane

      Google seems to care if the rumors of pressuring Asus are true. But ultimately you’re probably right: The market itself doesn’t care.

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