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Never Ignore Chinese Users

In an interview with Ramos general manager Wan Qiuyang, the truth comes out that I’ve been trying to get across in this blog [Google Translate].

Q: 2013 Tablet PC sales in China are increasing, but the domestic brands of tablet PC sales comparison in 2012 but declined because of the spending power of domestic users upgrade, part of the increase mostly in Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and other well-known brands, the Blue Devils how do you view this phenomenon?

Wan: We have done some preliminary analysis, we feel that consumer confidence in domestic brands declined because of poor quality.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In short:

Q: Tablets sales increased in China but sales for domestic brands decreased. Why?

A: Domestic tablets are of poor quality.

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Ramos i10Pro Tablet Is Dual-Boot Windows/Android

As it turns out, Chippy of UMPC Portal had his hands on this tablet earlier in the week at CeBIT. But he didn’t know it was their new dual-boot machine.

Now 1Pad has spilled the beans before the official Ramos announcement with a photo-filled report [Google Translate].


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