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R.I.P. Writer Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas, dean of Hollywood reporters, dies

He did a variety of wonderful biographies of Hollywood figures, some of which I read several times.

Rest well, you did great work while here.

Wikipedia: Bob Thomas

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Chuwi VX2 “Call Tablet”


Among others, IMP3Net reports on the new Chuwi VX2 “call tablet” [Google Translate]. It has a dual-core MediaTek 8132 CPU, Mali 400 GPU, and a seven-inch 1024 x 600 screen. No word on RAM or storage.

“Call tablets” are the new rage in China, as iPad Mini clones were last year. Tablet makers are racing to bring to market very inexpensive tablets that can also do 3G. None of these tablets are impressive. It’s difficult to see how any Chinese company can leap from its domestic market to a worldwide one based on cheap goods such as these. Perhaps most are content to be local. That’s not a bad thing, given the size of China’s population.


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Dual-Boot Windows/Android Is Dead

Paywalled: Asustek’s Dual-OS Devices Hit a Wall, Shelves Plans For Transformer Book Duet TD300

Plans for a new breed of mobile devices running operating systems from both Microsoft Corp. and Google, Inc. have apparently hit a wall, falling victim to opposition from the software suppliers.

Facing pressure from Google and Microsoft, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc. has indefinitely postponed plans to sell a high-profile device designed to simultaneously run both Android and Windows software, people familiar with the matter said.

Microsoft and Google ruin Intel’s plan for dual-OS tablets

There’s no word out of China yet regarding the planned Ramos introduction of its dual-boot Windows/Android i10 Pro tablet on March 20 being delayed or cancelled. Given that it looks like they’re using vanilla Android Open Source Project, they could probably continue as-is.

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