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Addiction Runs The World

Coincidentally, I was thinking about how the goal of every business is not to have customers, but addicts.

And then I realized that as far as Western Civilization is concerned, commerce has really been about nothing but addiction.

Some day I might develop this thought further. But not right now.

Besides, someone else must have realized this and already written an entire book about it. (If you know such a book, point to it in Comments.)



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When Product Placements Go Bad


Gillian Anderson plays an apparent one-percenter in the first episode of Crisis.

Yet all she can afford is a Blackberry Playbook!

Yes, that’s about how good the show itself is.

So stupid, I bailed after just the first two acts of the first episode.


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Black Sails Season One Finale

There are no legacies in this life, are there? No monuments, no histories. Just the water. It pays us and then it claims us. Swallows us whole as if we’ve never been here at all.

The finale left me speechless. I had to take several minutes afterwards to think about it.

Now comes the torment waiting for the second season.

The rest of you have between now and then to see what we’re all talking about.

Do it.

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