Retina-Class iFive Mini 3: New Videos, JD Sale

It’s now gone on sale at JD dotcom, so the official release must be very soon:


A puzzling price. See listing [Google Translate].

TMall is still listing it for 1,199 locally. I don’t know if the JD price is a special deal. Chinese pricing can sometimes be very screwy and not amenable to Google Translate. Discounts are never reflected in the prices of international middleman sellers.

After the break, four new videos.

I don’t know if this first video is of the Retina-class model, but it’s worth seeing. Look at how wicked fast it is when the iFive Skin 2.5 is replaced by a different launcher:

This is just a few seconds of making the video switch from default to full screen (again, I don’t know if this is the Retina version):

Now two reviews. All screensnaps taken from the 720p video; click to enlarge.

This one also lacks the iFive Skin 2.5:


AnTuTu X:



Flash won’t play in Chrome:


Retina resolution maximum pinch-zoom:


Flash will play in Dolphin Browser:

Full 1080p video trailer playing in the YouTube app:


The owner says:

The screen is just amazing, Very clear and perfect for video. The size of the screen is 7.9″, which I think is a good size. The build quality is level with Samsung. The design leaves you feeling you have a very expensive tablet. This tablet is very sturdy.

WiFi is also good but this depends on the make and model of you router.

I mainly bought this for watching video and it’s just amazing. Although i have had some problems resuming video after pausing it to find i have lost WiFi signal… Only a few times though.

The only big negative is the bloatware on this tablet as i would like a stock android launcher. I hope FNF take into account that people overseas need an option for stock android. FNF also have an English site that offers support but need to update the English site with the tablets displayed on their Chinese site. I sent an email for support but have not got a reply yet.

On another negative note. I lost WiFi and had to reboot 4 times to get it back. They do supply a travel adapter but when the tablet is charging the adapter get hot. So don’t be leaving this charging overnight.

I like the tablet despite the minor issues, but you would probably get this with all tablet you get these days.

The video:

Snaps from the next video.

It wants to do an Over The Air update:


The screenshot icon appears in Portrait Mode:


System Information:


AnTuTu X:


Flash drive is attached via USB OnTheGo cable:


There’s a problem playing video at one point. Might have been a mismatch between the file format and the video playing app he was using.

A large game is played:


It plays very smoothly.

The video:

If someone reading this has it, do the Google Books PDF test. I’d really like to see how that goes with a Retina screen combined with the RK3188 CPU and Mali 400 GPU. [American Magazine PDF via Google Docs; Foxit Mobile PDF via Google Play Store]

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8 responses to “Retina-Class iFive Mini 3: New Videos, JD Sale

  1. jun

    very intersting! what is the weight of this tablet?


  2. Ilya T.

    I have purchased the tablet late last month and had it delivered this past Sunday. So far, I’m really happy with it, although I have to admit that I flashed it with a custom ROM (a cleaned-up AOSP-like) that very same day.

    The screen is very good, although probably a bit lacking in brightness and contrast compared to my old Acer A500, although that screen is up there with the best of them.

    I took off both layers of protective film after a short time, since I really hate protective film. It gives rainbow interference patterns at wider angles and gives that extra little bit of friction feeling compared to naked glass. But then, it’s just me, most people would probably love the protective film. It does not distort colors and does not interfere with touch in any way except for that little tactile difference.

    The tablet is still a bit laggy when using Chrome and going back to home screen, and in other places too, but I guess that’s Android for you. Having used iOS and Android extensivley and WP8 occasionally, I am pretty certain Android’s lag is in its DNA and will not go away any time soon.

    AnTuTu X gives me scores in 19-20k range with small fluctuations, about what I would expect. I don’t play any games, but 1080p video playback is very smooth, even complex websites are rendered quickly enough and are responsive enough for normal use, so I’m very much satisfied with that.

    Build quality is almost up there with Apple’s standards, although the TF card slot is recessed so much that I can not comfortably plug or eject the card with my clipped finger nails. Which is a very minor flaw, but still. The screen (inner pixel matrix) has a barely visible thin frame around it, which is barely noticeable, but looks somewhat sloppy once you notice it.

    I have not been able to estimate battery life yet.

    All in all, this is one great tablet, and if you consider the price, I would stop short of calling it exceptional. Build quality is almost top notch, and my only complaints are lag (caused by insufficient RAM or Android’s inherent faults — I don’t know) and the lacklustre stock ROM. The latter is easily fixed ;)

    Mike, thank you for running this blog, since it was my primary source of information while I was on the hunt for a decent Android iPad Mini alternative! Your posts helped a lot, and if it wasn’t for your timely updates, I might have made a mistake and rushed a purchase of an inferior product (which is not to say that there are no viable alternatives to the mini3 — there probaby are)..

    • mikecane

      Nothing else out there except the iPad Mini 2 at that size with a Retina-class screen so far, so the iFive is still in its own class.

      As for the lag, are you using 4.4?

  3. Ilya T.

    As for Retina-class screens, yes, I stand corrected. Generally, considering size, aspect ratio, battery capacity and performance, there are options. Well, you should know :)

    Yep, running 4.4.2. This one, to be precise:

    I don’t have the tablet in my hands right now, but from what I remember, it definitely lags when going back to home screen after using an app (Chrome, for instance), so much so that even the background is black for a split second. I think, general Chrome performance is far from smooth as well. It’s a bit of a hungry app, though. I’ll see what else I can spot when I get to use it more extensively (so far I’ve mostly been toying around and configuring it for my liking).

    My main usage scenarios are reading books, watching movies on flights and other trips, email and occasional browsing. And all of that is well covered, so I’m one happy customer.

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