iambillbil Locks His Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 Review


I am seething.

All this time I’ve been looking forward to the Chinese forum posts about the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 from tablet wonk iambillbil. He tests a lot of tablets so he has a vast knowledge when it comes to writing about them.

Today, his posts appeared at both 5Fans [Google Translate: one, two, three] and IMP3Net [Google Translate: one, two, three].

And they are mostly blocked off to most people!

Covering up 95% of the posts is this damned lock:

Click = big

In all the months I’ve been reading his posts, this has never been done before!

He’s recently posted about both the Onda V975M and the Chuwi VX1. Both of those series of posts were completely open.

Why the hell are they closed off for the Retina-class iFive Mini 3?

It turns out he did it!

Click = big

This is nuts.

The two Conclusion sections are basically DUH! but also confusing without the detailed text that’s locked:

Advantages section
The appearance of the machine ultra-narrow thickness is also very good,

All-metal machine casing set, full of futuristic and feel,

tf card reasonable position is not exposed,

Data cable snug fit,

Button elastic qualified, metal feeling full.

Delicate and color screens, awesome I personally liked. No yellow screen

The machine can use Apple’s crust sets, crystal sets, or colored silicone sleeve. Docile appropriate. Paresthesia good

Above the overall design of this machine is worthy of praise.

Disadvantages section

The machine can only start charging., And obviously there are also fast charging power than the phenomenon in the battery to 0% of the time, the boot difficult time charging repeatedly reboot several times.

No physical volume buttons, plus two at the top should also have space and location, right?


Personally, I hope, in the next five elements of the official version of the official firmware to make the following amendments to the above

1, can be achieved in hardware and to the extent permitted, new firmware increases the backlight can adjust how bright tone and more light, which is at once the summer!!!!!

2, most of the machines +2048 3188 2048, and 1600 has a dual-mode, five elements, or add it.

3, miracast functions or add it.

The second Conclusion, clearer:

1) The damn backlight’s max brightness is too weak. Goose the Settings to make it brighter.

2) Add a resolution switch to 1600 x 1200 (ala HP Slate 8 Pro) for games

3) Put Miracast back in

All of the above I had figured out for myself from others. Where his value comes in is with the amount of details and photography his posts contain.

Until those posts are unlocked — and I hope they will be in the coming days or weeks — what’s available of his writing is really useless, if not entirely worthless.

Thanks for nothing!

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2 responses to “iambillbil Locks His Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 Review

  1. Ric Day

    His locking the post may relate to traffic problems and complaints from his ISP if the majority of the traffic is from outside China. That is purely a guess, but I have seen similar in the past.

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