HP: Horribly Pathetic

Look what’s now listed at Best Buy:


There’s no indication this is actually available in-store. The Slate 7 Plus — theoretically — is, because that just popped up in the weekend paper flier for Best Buy.

What the hell is wrong over at HP? First they de-list this tablet, then seem to dump their inventory in Europe (judging from all the YouTube videos), and now it pops up at Best Buy.

How can anyone have any confidence in buying this tablet? Does it even exist or not? What is HP’s commitment to it — any at all?

There have still been zero reviews for it in the American tech press. Why is that? You’d think being the only tablet with a 1600 x 1200 4:3 screen would make it notable. Combine that with the fast Tegra 4 CPU and some people could actually get excited by it.

Instead, this is the first tablet refugee from any company. At least people knew the original webOS-based TouchPad was an orphan. The Slate 8 Pro remains in a bizarre limbo unheard of in the tech world. This is not the kind of precedent any company should be looking to make.

And where the hell is the version — the real Pro version — with 2GBs of RAM?

Does HP people think no one notices any of these moves?

What is wrong at that company?

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