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Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 Overclocked

iambillbil is still locking his post [Google Translate] but the conclusion has been altered. Apparently he’s since edited the post with new — and still locked — information.

He’s applied an overclocking patch and reports:

1 overclocked to patch a 1.6g 1.7g,

533 graphics card overclocked to 666,

Memory 312mhz overclocked to 360mhz,

Became effective bandwidth from 4.9g 5.4g,

1.2 times the effective performance,

Run points from 1.82 ten thousand raised to 20,200 early

(At this time basically stable, did not see who said something wrong, this time 2d game has been elevated from 17fps to 20fps,

So the AnTuTu score increased from 18,200 to 20,200.
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Onda’s New V819 Is No iPad Mini Clone

Onda, not content to be quiet until their April 3rd press conference, has leaked bits of its two upcoming tablets [Google Translate].

The shocker is seeing their V819 designation that was previously for an iPad Mini clone to be used for a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio eight-inch tablet, the V819i:


So it looks like Teclast will have the 64-bit iPad Mini clone market to itself for a while.

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The Real Android

I hate to repeat it, but it’s true: When most people think “Android,” they think of all Google Services included.

And now this:

Are people being trained to look for the word “Android” at startup now? Using the trademark on startup is another way to differentiate between “genuine” Android and AOSP.

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