Five Technology Teases New Tablet

Edward Weinert made me aware of a Sina Weibo post from Five Technology.


Via Google Translate, it says:

FNF five elements: # run of how this kind? # An exciting product, high-profile, high-performance, cost-effective or much more, this run of you think?

The mysterious AnTuTu score:


If this is indeed an RK3288-based AnTuTu scores, that’s a problem.

They had touted scores in the 40,000-range.

I’m thinking this might be their upcoming 3G Mini 3, using a (still-unknown) MediaTek CPU.

Update Saturday March 29, 2013: Chinese tablet wonks — including iambillbil — also think this is a MediaTek-based tablet. But not the upcoming 3G iFive Mini 3 tablet. They think it will be eight-inch screen at 1280 x 800 [Google Translate].

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