Onda Teases A80-Based iPad Mini Clone

And boom:


Whatever the final tablet(s) will be, the announcement is next month [Google Translate].

The Allwinner A80 is an octa-core CPU that can run all eight cores simultaneously. It’s paired with a PowerVR G6230 64-core GPU. This should be an absolute screamer.

Will platform provider Allwinner provide all Google Services? And even if so, would Onda keep them or excise them in pursuit of its Onda ROM initiative?

And if Onda will do an A80-based iPad Mini clone, will it also have a Retina-class display?

The best thing Allwinner could do to cinch the success of its new A80 CPU is to release an official app for rooting. That would get ROM modders around the world very, very excited.

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Onda’s New V819 Is No iPad Mini Clone



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2 responses to “Onda Teases A80-Based iPad Mini Clone

  1. jun

    cool! how does this compare with Rocket chip series? is this 28nm chip, or better?

    • mikecane

      28nm. There’s been GFXBench results floating around comparing it to the 3288 — and beating it. But we don’t know if *any* of those scores are for real. Right now there’s a lot of dirt being thrown by all CPU camps on each other’s CPUs. We won’t know anything resembling the truth until final products are out and all the real benchmarks are in. All of these next-gen tablets should be very, very fast and have no resemblance to all the ones that have been out since last year in terms of speed and abilities.

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