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Europe Says No To Proprietary eBook Formats

L’Europe va mettre fin aux formats propriétaires pour les livres numériques

Europe will put an end to proprietary formats for digital books

While the European Parliament will be renewed in May, the European Commission, which will also be fully reconstructed by the end of the year, embarks on a surprising activism: she finally grabs the file interoperability digital books, with the aim of forcing retailers using proprietary formats to end these systems.

Amazon and Apple, the two market leaders, are directly targeted. Currently, a digital book bought on Amazon.fr can only be read on the Kindle, the e-tailer reading lamp, or one of its applications. Reading lamp which does not accept the open format ePub. It is the same with the iBook Store, Apple’s digital library, which does not allow the reading on the terminals of the Apple brand.

Assuming this isn’t an April Fool’s item, what will happen?

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R.I.P. Writer Lorenzo Semple, Jr.

I found out late.

RIP Lorenzo Semple Jr

Best known for the Batman TV series, the 1960s.

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Amazon U.K. Prime Video: Black Sails

Amazon Commandeers Exclusive U.K. Rights to Starz’s ‘Black Sails’

The show, which is exec produced by Michael Bay, will feature on Amazon’s subscription streaming service Prime Instant Video from April 4.


All eight episodes of “Black Sails” will be available to stream on more than 400 devices at launch.

There is now no excuse for people in the U.K. not to see this (if you don’t have Prime Video, get it!).

A really, really great series.


Starz Black Sails website
Pirates Wanted Black Sails website

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Chinese Rumors Of Surface Mini Are False

Numerous reports out of China point to the introduction of a Surface Mini by Microsoft tomorrow [Google Translate, Google Translate, Google Translate, Google Translate].

All of those are based on a misinterpretation of this tweet that was withdrawn by SurfaceJP:


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