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The Blacklist Live Video Event: Pics

Apologies in advance if your screensnap isn’t flattering. It wasn’t done on purpose!


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Windows 8.x For Free

Microsoft making Windows free on devices with screens under 9 inches

Microsoft today said it will make Windows free of charge for phones and tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches, a move designed to help boost the company’s market share. The announcement comes alongside plans to let developers make universal applications that work on all devices running Microsoft’s software — both Windows Phone and Windows.

So, they woke up and saw that even fifteen dollars was too much.

And they finally had to admit USD 99 Allwinner was correct.

With Intel buying making lots of friends in China, Microsoft probably sees this as an opportunity to relive the glory days of “Wintel.”

Not so fast.

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The Blacklist Live Video Event


An Evening in New York with “The Blacklist”

Live webcast. I think open to all:

It begins 8PM EDST tonight. Update: For Members Only. Why did they promote this to the general public too? PR FAIL.

Second update: Looks like it will be open to all.

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Proof Of HP Slate 8 Pro Review Program In Europe

This screensnap says it all:


A big and bright DEMO sticker on the back of a unit that appears in an unboxing video after the break.

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MediaTek iFive Mini 3?


I don’t know what that says, but it’s rather cruel of Five Technology to mention the Tegra 4 when I’m still railing over the failure of HP to sell its Tegra 4-based Slate 8 Pro.

Anyway, word is that there might be an iFive Mini 3 with an octa-core MediaTek 6592 CPU [Google Translate].

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