MediaTek iFive Mini 3?


I don’t know what that says, but it’s rather cruel of Five Technology to mention the Tegra 4 when I’m still railing over the failure of HP to sell its Tegra 4-based Slate 8 Pro.

Anyway, word is that there might be an iFive Mini 3 with an octa-core MediaTek 6592 CPU [Google Translate].

This is likely the tablet they teased with this AnTuTu score:


There’s some doubt over whether it will actually be an iFive Mini 3 or an eight-inch tablet with 1280 x 800 screen. We’ll all know soon.

If it turns out to be an iFive Mini 3 with Retina-class display, will that make people reconsider buying the current model?

Previously here:

Five Technology Teases New Tablet



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4 responses to “MediaTek iFive Mini 3?

  1. Thomas

    iFive and Tegra 4, would be a great. Maybe with the lack of sales, nvidia lowered the price?

    • mikecane

      It’s the MT6592. T4 would be freakin epic, but extremely unlikely. If Five were to go with an American CPU, it’d probably be Intel.

  2. Thomas

    How big of a difference is the T4 and Intel sets in price?

    • mikecane

      I don’t keep track of chip prices. All I know is that Intel is doling out a lot of money and technical assistance to win over China. Even creating the motherboards for them to plop into tablets.

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