Proof Of HP Slate 8 Pro Review Program In Europe

This screensnap says it all:


A big and bright DEMO sticker on the back of a unit that appears in an unboxing video after the break.

Meanwhile, zero reviews in American tech media.

HP is dumping this tablet in Europe and doesn’t give a damn about pushing it in America.

What the hell is wrong with that company?!!?

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5 responses to “Proof Of HP Slate 8 Pro Review Program In Europe

  1. They aren’t trying.If their shareholders were paying attention, they would be sued more often for wasting money on stupidity and not going where there are clear opportunities for profit. If I owned stock in HP, I’m hoping that these moves are either a token effort to fulfill a contractual obligation or a tax move. Something other than sheer stupidity and negligence.

  2. Repoman

    Some Italians are crazy, would sell a kidney in order to be seen with the new iGadget in here hands …
    these people are the ideal target for the technology industry …

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