Windows 8.x For Free

Microsoft making Windows free on devices with screens under 9 inches

Microsoft today said it will make Windows free of charge for phones and tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches, a move designed to help boost the company’s market share. The announcement comes alongside plans to let developers make universal applications that work on all devices running Microsoft’s software — both Windows Phone and Windows.

So, they woke up and saw that even fifteen dollars was too much.

And they finally had to admit USD 99 Allwinner was correct.

With Intel buying making lots of friends in China, Microsoft probably sees this as an opportunity to relive the glory days of “Wintel.”

Not so fast.

I’ve had to use Windows 8, setting up someone else’s new notebook. I also had to transfer something that would have taken five minutes via XP or 7 from a 7 notebook — and it took me hours. Because there is absolutely nothing about 8 that makes any damn sense.

And that’s why most people are not buying it.

So to think that Shenzen will rescue a product no one wants via cheap tablets — well, that’s just crazy thinking.

I’ve yet to see more than a handful of people encountering an iOS or Android tablet who sigh and longingly say, “Gee, I really wish this was Windows!” Hell, even those very few people won’t touch Windows RT!

As for this “one program to run on everything” strategy, I’m not interested in the details. To me, it sounds like an introduction to bloatware. But that’s been a Windows staple for ages, so who will notice the difference?

Microsoft is just irrelevant.



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2 responses to “Windows 8.x For Free

  1. Eric

    I use Windows Phone 8 on my Nokia and like it. WP8 is totally different to Windows 8 and the changes announced this week should help people when they upgrade their computer OS.

    When talking about Widows 8 I have always said a product without a touchscreen should boot to the standard windows desktop and a touch screen device should load metro.

    Apparently this will be an option when the update is available.

    • mikecane

      I’ve not heard of any great changes to “classic” Windows that would make it amenable to working on tablets with fingertips. “Windows,” like “Android,” has a certain meaning to people.

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