HP Lists Second Slate 8 Pro Model

Thanks to Ian in Comments who alerted me to: Nieuwe versie HP Slate 8 Pro met Android 4.4 KitKat gespot [Google Translate].

HP is really messing with my head. Just when I thought it was safe to write off the existing Slate 8 Pro as a non-buy, this happens.

As it turns out, the FCC listing isn’t needed at all.

HP has already outed this tablet!

Click to enlarge:



KitKat and a price increase — but still 1GB of RAM! See the listing here.

Highlighted items from the spec sheet [PDF link]:

Click = big

NFC! Near Field Communication.

Note there’s no NFC in the original Slate 8 Pro.

People usually think of using NFC with transactions. It can also be used with peripherals, as Nokia once demonstrated with its Meego N9 phone and an external speaker:

Tap To Pair is better than having to go through Settings any day. And don’t think Tap To Pair is only good for speakers. What about pairing with a wrist band and downloading stored info? See other uses here.

At any rate, HP has gone and upset all of my tablet thinking here. Since they’re showing a commitment with a second model, this makes the first model less of a risky buy. The only way they could really screw it all up is to not give buyers of the original model an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Soon I’m going have to do a serious hunt for the Slate 8 Pro in stores so I can try it myself.

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5 responses to “HP Lists Second Slate 8 Pro Model

  1. Fred M

    They should have reserved “pro” branding for 2GB RAM models only. The Slate 21 Pro has 2GB and sells for $379. It’s not mobile though.

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