First Retina-Class 64-Bit iPad Mini Clone

PadNews has two photos of the world’s first Retina-class 64-bit iPad Mini clone, still to come from Teclast [Google Translate].



This happened to be shown when Teclast announced their 64-bit Intel Bay Trail-T-based 9.7-inch Retina-class X98 tablet, but no other sites nabbed these photos.

The mention of Goodix is especially interesting. They provide specialized chips. PadNews speculates this tablet might incorporate some of Intel’s RealSense technology.

Otherwise, the photos show dual rear speakers, a microSD card slot, and a SIM card slot.

What PadNews has forgotten is that earlier report they did, in which Teclast did indeed list an upcoming Retina-class iPad Mini clone, in this graphic:


My own question is about the screen: Will Teclast cripple it with just 16-bit color, as they did with the P89 Mini?

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair happens in about ten days. We’ll probably know all by then, if not before.

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