Video Comparison: Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 Vs. HP Slate 8 Pro

Wow, the camera on the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 really sucks.

And the HP Slate 8 Pro surprises.

See samples after the break.

Retina-class iFive Mini 3

Screensnap from 720p:


Make sure the YouTube Settings are correct to watch these in their full resolution:

Something is clearly wrong with the way that camera sensor registers the color green. It’s mostly muddy. This is something that’s been seen in other outdoor photo and video samples.

HP Slate 8 Pro

Screensnaps from 720p [1080p not available to rip]:







I don’t know why I got black borders top and bottom. Could be either a YouTube or HP tablet Camera Settings issue. The screensnaps — via vlc from ripped YouTube — are also smaller than the iFive’s. YouTube sometimes does weird things with video.

Make sure the YouTube Setting is correct to watch this in its full resolution:

Both have incredibly bad microphones. But the HP Slate 8 Pro is — no pun intended — clearly the winner when it comes to the video camera.


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