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Rockchip 3288-Based Tablets Sooner Than We Thought?

Could be. Just released in China is a new Wii-like game console that uses the Rockchip 3288 CPU [Google Translate].

While the console maker won’t provide the chip spec, an official from Rockchip confirmed it was the 3288.

This console runs on Android.

So maybe next week the Hong Kong Electronics Fair will have announcements of new Rockchip 3288-based tablets that will be available within weeks? The console has already gone on pre-sale for a May 7th release date.

We’ll see.

If you’ve been thinking about buying the Retina-class iFive Mini 3, it might be time to start waiting for its 3288-based follow-up.

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US$60 Full Windows Tablets Coming

That’s the ambition of a company named Emdoor, one of those Chinese companies that suddenly pop up and make noise without ever being heard of previously [Google Translate].

Google Translate is always very sketchy when it comes to numbers, so it sounds as if Emdoor is boasting they plan to sell one-hundred million tablets. I think the correct translation might be one million — which is pretty ambitious anyway for a company I’d never heard of until now.

Here’s the slide boasting they’ll release a tablet in the third quarter of this year that will sell for US$60:


What will US$60 buy?

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