Goodbye, J&R


EXCLUSIVE: J&R shutting down New York City electronics store

This is no damned surprise.

It took them less than a year to drop dead.

They were the store I didn’t name in this post: Stupid Suicidal Stores.

They filled their tablet inventory with a ton of shitty tablets — Coby, eMatic, and other names that are best forgotten. They stopped carrying name-brand tablets in the store and required people to order them online.

It’s now clear why that happened: They weren’t getting credit from the name brands to stock their tablets.

Their store once filled an entire side of a New York City block.

It shrunk to their original corner store with about one-tenth their previous inventory.

In recent months when I stopped in, it was less busy than a funeral parlor.

All that’s left in NYC now is B&H Photo and Best Buy. (Staples’ inventory is so bad, they don’t even rate these days.)

Ironically, I was thinking of hopping into the city today. I would have stopped by J&R. I missed being at their closing day.

There will be some at J&R who will probably blame Amazon for this.

Nope. It’s all on J&R.


Same day update: The official statement from J&R. (Thanks, @sarahw.)

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5 responses to “Goodbye, J&R

  1. It’s always sad to see an independent store go under. They say they’re redesigning, but also “seeking retail partners”? If B&H fails as well, then chains are all we have.

    • mikecane

      Maybe Amazon will open Tablet Fondle Stores so I won’t go insane…

    • Yacko

      Coming late with a comment. I doubt B&H will fail as they seem to be the gorilla of NY retail with hooks into every corner of the world. B&H also has a reasonably responsive web site and a wide inventory. Though there is less of that – I notice things that were listed in stock in the past are now 7-14 day orders, meaning they don’t have them on a shelf but will place it with the next manufacturer order. Still I’m confident that B&H is likely one of the nails in J&Rs coffin.

      Lest we forget, technically, there is still Adorama, but I think they are missing their window for growth. Shame about J&R but it’s telling that I am late with a comment because I did not know the news, J&R has been off my radar for a couple of years.

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