The End Of iPad Mini Clones

After a huge burst of iPad Mini clones last year, the popularity of that form factor among manufacturers is on the wane. Few new models are being introduced these days. Two new models coming are from Aoson [Google Translate].

Aoson M786T

Aoson M787T

The Aoson M786T and M787T are using a quad-core MediaTek 8382 with speeds up to 1.3GHz, have a stingy 1GB of RAM and a pathetic 8GBs of internal storage, a 7.85-inch screen at 1024 x 768, Bluetooth, Android 4.2, and will do 2G and 3G.

What’s the most popular tablet being done by manufacturers these days, replacing the iPad Mini clone?

Seven-inch 3G-enabled “call tablets” that are like this:


Those kind of tablets sell as low as 369 yuan, while iPad Mini clones hover around 699-799 yuan. Is it any wonder people are flocking to them — and manufacturers are eager to fill that demand?

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