Welcome To Blade Runner World


Those monstrous video ads are no longer science-fiction…

Between 33rd and 34th streets on 7th Avenue in Manhattan, yesterday:

The seeming pixelation is due to a mismatch between the panel refresh rates and the camera sensor. There is no such pixelation in person.

Every fucking building in Manhattan will wind up like that in the next ten-to-twenty years.

Get me off this planet.


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3 responses to “Welcome To Blade Runner World

  1. You haven’t been to Manhattan in how long? I remember being stunned by these types of displays when I first went to Las Vegas. You get used to them. Actually, in Las Vegas, I like them, but then again, I probably wouldn’t if I lived there.

    As for the last video, it looks like a multiplexed display. I didn’t know about that energy saving technique until recently. eInk signage will probably eventually replace all of this.

  2. Jason S.

    It’s not just NYC, Mike. Los Angeles has had this chronic syndrome for some time now, mainly because the heavy advertising campaigns churned out by the film and television industries, even in the poorest suburbs. Nothing like not being able to walk outside in L.A. without being bombarded with evidence that yet another pointless pay-per-view smut-show or yet another bland formulaic superhero movie exist.

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