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Meizu Max Tablet Promo Video

Update Saturday April 19, 2014: This post is probably best ignored. Despite the fact the blog post I’m linking to is current, the actual video after the break was posted by them on Dec 27, 2012 — near two years ago! Thanks to John in Comments for pointing it all out.

Meizu is ready to launch Meizu Max tablet devices


It’s a 16:10 tablet, which isn’t really my thing.

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Japan: Now Just A Parts Supplier

Outraged authors accuse Apple of destroying Japan’s tech industry

Who is to blame for the dire situation the Japanese electronics industry finds itself in?

“We have been warning people for years, but management are already too old,” Morikawa says. “They just want to survive in their position right now.”

I can’t feel sorry for Japan.

What they blame Apple — one company! — for doing to them, they as a collection of companies did to the U.S. first. In fact, they did worse: We didn’t get even get to supply them with parts. They kept the entire pie for themselves.

Anyway, keep supplying Apple, Japan. It’s just about the only Japanese electronics product people want from your once-dynamic companies these days: Parts.


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Pipo To Do Retina-Class 3288-Based iPad Mini Clone

Charbax gets the founder of Pipo to pre-announce a product in a video.


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Chinese Livestreams Make Money

Lucrative Stardom in China, Using a Webcam and a Voice [If paywalled, plop the title into Google; could work.]

Live web shows are empowering amateur entertainers, some of whom can now earn $90,000 annually, nearly 30 times the average Chinese salary.


From a run-down apartment complex, Poison often performs live for more than 10,000 online viewers a night (a birthday concert once drew 36,000 viewers), making her one of the most popular performers on YY’s Entertainment channel.

I think this is one of those things that can’t cross cultures, just as Japan’s DoCoMo was possible only in that country.

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3G-Enabled Retina-Class iFive Mini 3GS


Five Technology has just given everybody another reason to skip buying the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 — the 3G-enabled octa-core-running iFive Mini 3GS [Google Translate].

Really, if you were thinking of getting the Retina-class iFive Mini 3, drop that idea and go for the 3GS. Even if you won’t be using the 3G, the 1.7GHz octa-core MediaTek 6592 CPU brings with it a probable AnTuTu score in the 27,000-range versus the 18,000-range of the Mini 3’s 3188 CPU.

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