Japan: Now Just A Parts Supplier

Outraged authors accuse Apple of destroying Japan’s tech industry

Who is to blame for the dire situation the Japanese electronics industry finds itself in?

“We have been warning people for years, but management are already too old,” Morikawa says. “They just want to survive in their position right now.”

I can’t feel sorry for Japan.

What they blame Apple — one company! — for doing to them, they as a collection of companies did to the U.S. first. In fact, they did worse: We didn’t get even get to supply them with parts. They kept the entire pie for themselves.

Anyway, keep supplying Apple, Japan. It’s just about the only Japanese electronics product people want from your once-dynamic companies these days: Parts.


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2 responses to “Japan: Now Just A Parts Supplier

  1. Ric Day

    That Salon article sounds like a Japanese clone of Busness Insider.

    Yeah, Japan’s consumer tech sector is near dead. Sony, Panasonic, et al lost their way in consumer electronics years ago. They could not compete with lower cost assemblers in Korea, Taiwan, and later China. So they produced critical components and sold those to the assemblers.

    In the past couple of decades, Japan’s interests have been in robotics, genetics, and other technologies which tend to be low volume, high margin industrial things.

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