Meizu Max Tablet Promo Video

Update Saturday April 19, 2014: This post is probably best ignored. Despite the fact the blog post I’m linking to is current, the actual video after the break was posted by them on Dec 27, 2012 — near two years ago! Thanks to John in Comments for pointing it all out.

Meizu is ready to launch Meizu Max tablet devices


It’s a 16:10 tablet, which isn’t really my thing.


High resolution…


… but we don’t know screen size (my guess is eight inches).

Back camera will be 13MP, with flash:


Some sync magic:


Some portable charging magic:


The highly customized Android does some tricks …


… including webOS-like Cards:


With the long-rumored Xiaomi tablet due to be introduced on April 23rd, Meizu wants the world to know it will also have a tablet soon.

Now the video:


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4 responses to “Meizu Max Tablet Promo Video

  1. John

    It is too good to be real. That video was published on 2012. It is a concept art done by Chinese Meizu fan. I wonder why there are no good Chinese 16:10 8 inch tablets. There are too many 4:3 iPad mini copies. I don’t want some cheap copy. 16:10 would be great for movies, youtube videos, epub books in portrait orientation (people prefer columns because narrow is easier to read), easier to hold, easier to fit in pocket… 4:3 is only better for reading PDFs but horrible for videos. I’m eagerly waiting for iFive mini 4 but still prefer 16:10.

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