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HSN And The Acer Iconia A1-830


They’ve posted a 40-minute recording of one of the segments.

They did a very good job demonstrating it.

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Tiny Tatiana Maslany

Orphan Black series co-creator Graeme Manson did a live chat with the Los Angeles Times’ Talking TV webshow and revealed a tiny Tatiana Maslany:


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Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 1


Spoilers after the break!

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Onda V975i: Android And Windows?!

This is too elaborate to be a hoax — besides which, the posters in Chinese forums don’t tend to do hoaxes.

In June, Onda will offer a download of Windows 8.x that can be installed on its Intel 64-bit Retina-class 9.7-inch screen V975i tablet [Google Translate].

For those who can read the Chinese:



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My 2011 Is Your 2014

WARNING: From time to time, I get really pissed off and must do a Very Angry Post. This is one of those posts. Stop reading now if you don’t like such posts.

Here, 2011: Apple’s Next Greedy Move: Exclusivity

2014: Apple, Google offering game developers special incentives for exclusivity

Now just STFU when you find what I write hard to believe.

You are the idiot. Not me.

The shit I have to eat from people who can’t think…

Today I’m getting shit over Chinese tablets. Come back in three to five years when practically everyone is using a Chinese-brand tablet.


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iPad Mini Clone With Amlogic CPU


And that’s all there is, just a photo [Google Translate]. Trying to read the cards reveal only that it has a 7.9-inch screen at a disappointing 1024 x 768 with two variants: 1GB RAM with 8GBs or 16GBs of internal storage. Manufacturer(s) and specific Amlogic CPU are unknown.

This might not be something that’ll be manufactured. It could be just a reference design.

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