HSN And The Acer Iconia A1-830


They’ve posted a 40-minute recording of one of the segments.

They did a very good job demonstrating it.

Even though it was the same retail price someone would get in a store, they threw in a free case and a voucher for other software:


Emphasizing the difference between those seven-inch screens:


Hyping the Google Play Store:



The first of several impressive voice recognition demos, asking when Summer begins and the tablet speaks the reply:



Emphasizing the tablet has a rear camera:





Second voice recognition demo, asking for trip navigation:


Third demo, having the tablet set an alarm:



Pushing hard that it has expandable memory via microSD card:



Fourth voice demo, posting a tablet-taken photo to Facebook and speaking the post text:


And BAM! done, posted:


Final and most impressive voice demo, dictating an email — look at all the words:


One of three minor irritations:


Showing video from the tablet wirelessly playing on a TV. They didn’t actually mention how that was done and what the buyer would need in terms of a TV being able to do that.

Another minor bit of flim-flam was showing screensnaps of apps and paging through them as if it was multitask switching.

Third irritation was saying Bluetooth will work with a keyboard. Unless Acer has since pushed out an update, that was not true.

I don’t think many people will be disappointed with their purchase, however.

I’m still waiting for this to get in stores.

By the way, they sold over ten thousand, I think.

Previously here:

So, Acer, It’s Come To This?

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One response to “HSN And The Acer Iconia A1-830

  1. Mike

    hi Mike I actually just received my tablet from HSN and I have to say it is one awesome tablet for the price point and knowing that you’re actually going to release a full HD version I will definitely purchase that one as well I am very impressed with the tablet its build quality basically everything so I look forward to purchasing the full HD version

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