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TV: Fargo, Episode 2


It’s official.

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iFive Mini 3GS Promo Video


See the video after the break.

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Samsung Gear Fit Sold 250,000?

Samsung’s initial supply of ‘Gear Fit’ sold out in 10 days

Samsung produced 200,000 to 250,000 units of the Gear Fit for the global market and sold out of initial supply in just 10 days. 25,000 units were available in the Korean market, all of which were sold out as well, according to sources in the industry Monday

Meanwhile, in the real world:

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Now Samsung Copies China Too!

This news popped yesterday but I didn’t read any of the stories until I saw a photo today via China [Google Translate]. Samsung is going to release a 7-inch “talk tablet” — a form factor that Chinese tablet makers pioneered.


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