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Pipo Changes Design Of Its Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone

Previously we had the founder of Pipo displaying this:


All square-cornered and not looking anything like an iPad Mini clone.

Well, forget that.

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Onda V819i Reviewed

IMP3Net reviews the new Onda V819i [Google Translate].


Onda confuses the hell out of people by using its 819 designation on a tablet that breaks that naming tradition. Previously all 819-tablets were iPad Mini clones. The new V819i is a conventional 16:9 tablet with an eight-inch screen at 1280 x 800. The “i” at the end means “Intel,” and this has a 64-bit Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735E CPU with a max turbo frequency of 1.8GHz but a general frequency of 1.3Ghz. There’s also 1GB RAM and 16GBs of storage.

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AnTuTu: Rockchip 3288, Intel Z3735E

We have two preliminary AnTuTu scores for two different CPUs.

The first is for the new quad-core Rockchip 3288:


That’s from an unreleased Pipo iPad Mini clone with a Retina-class screen.

Note that’s not AnTuTu X, so the credibility of this score is deemed preliminary.

That’s not the 40,000-range score that’s been touted.

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