AnTuTu: Rockchip 3288, Intel Z3735E

We have two preliminary AnTuTu scores for two different CPUs.

The first is for the new quad-core Rockchip 3288:


That’s from an unreleased Pipo iPad Mini clone with a Retina-class screen.

Note that’s not AnTuTu X, so the credibility of this score is deemed preliminary.

That’s not the 40,000-range score that’s been touted.

Next is the Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735E:


That’s from the newly-released Onda V819i, an eight-inch tablet with a 1280 x 800 screen.

Again note that’s not AnTuTu X, so the credibility of this score is also deemed preliminary.

The Intel Z3735E is a 64-bit CPU, according to CPU World.

Two things I note:

1) I would have expected the Intel CPU to do better, since it’s 64-bits. Perhaps its full power will be unleashed when Google has released a 64-bit version of Android.

2) While it’s not the 40,000-range Rockchip and Five Technology brayed about, the Rockchip 3288 in the 35,000-range has outscored the HP Slate 8 Pro with its Tegra 4 CPU:


And note that the Pipo will have a 2048 x 1536 Retina-class screen, versus the 1600 x 1200 “Retina-lite” screen of the HP Slate 8 Pro — yet even with having to push around more pixels, the Rockchip 3288 outscores the Tegra 4.

Of course, scores don’t tell the whole story. But even with these preliminary ones, it’s clear that this next generation of tablets will offer an increase in computing strength that should be noticeable to users.


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