iFive Mini 3GS To Use MIUI

Over at 5Fans forum, members are being recruited to beta test a ROM with Xiaomi’s MIUI [Google Translate and Google Translate].


MIUI is a customized version of Android created by Xiaomi. I still don’t understand what makes it special or why people would want it over “regular” Android. But recently someone made some noise about wanting it at the 5Fans forum. I don’t know if that was a sincere request by a strange fan or a stealth PR move to try to drum up enthusiasm for Five Technology using it.

At any rate, here are screensnaps of MIUI as appearing on a Retina-class screen iFive tablet (beta version of the 3GS?):






Again, I don’t see anything there that I’d want. I’d be happy if Five Technology just abandoned their iFive Skin and stuck with unadorned Android.

For more information about MIUI, see their site and this Wikipedia entry.

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One response to “iFive Mini 3GS To Use MIUI

  1. Jonathan

    As long its stable and has a low memory footprint I don’t mind. Actually I do like the Miui style menu’s and the added features over vanilla android.
    However I do wonder if it will be the default rom or if it will be kitkat and how does the Miui interface (menu’s, apps) work on a tablet?

    I would be surprised if ifive would ship with Miui though.

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