Refurbed Dell Venue 8 Pro Cheap On eBay

The listing:


Oddly, it’s being sold by a company that seems to specialize in sports items!

It’s a nice tablet, does extremely well at the Google Books PDF test, but I just can’t stand Windows 8.x so being offered one even for free wouldn’t interest me.

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4 responses to “Refurbed Dell Venue 8 Pro Cheap On eBay

  1. space

    Yeah, stop bashing Windows 8.1 (and Intel, for that matter). It’s a much, much better OS on tablet – and it’s already quite decent on standard PCs.

    • mikecane

      No, it’s not. I’ve used it for myself and so have others. It’s a botch. BTW, I’m typing this using Win 7.

  2. Jonathan

    I think Windows 8 works very well on a tablet. But its a matter of preference. Atleast it has a much more decent set of apps this day and it has matured more.

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