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What Is The HP Slate 8 Plus?

We don’t know. But Notebook Italia dug it up along with two new seven-inch tablets [Google Translate]:


Given there is no plain “Slate 8,” we can’t tell if the “Plus” designation is an upgrade or downgrade from the “Pro” one.

Yet another tablet HP won’t get into real-world stores.


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Movie: The Invisible Woman


Based on a book I haven’t read and didn’t know anything about before seeing the movie. So I don’t know how much is true.

But it creeped me out. Forty-five year old Charles Dickens falling for someone when she was not yet eighteen.

Yes, I know I’m looking at it from my modern point of view and things were different back then. But still. It creeped me out.

If it was supposed to inspire tender emotions, it failed. All I saw was a man losing his mind, throwing away his sense, and forfeiting his dignity.

But many men do that, even today.


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Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 2


No spoilers after the break.

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