Comic Book Writer Wakes Up, Weeps Years Too Late

Gerry Conway: The ComiXology Outrage

Now, I’ve heard some folks say that Amazon is just trying to avoid paying Apple’s “greedy 30% fee” for in-app purchases. This is such nonsense it almost doesn’t require a response, because there are people out there who have a knee-jerk reaction against Apple that goes beyond critical thinking, but in the hopes of reaching more open-minded readers who might be tempted by that argument, let me address it.

Apple charges 30% for in-app purchases of eBooks, music, video, games. Amazon charges 30% for digital distribution of eBooks, music, video, games. Same deal. Period.

There’s a long and fruitless debate to be had over whether or not Apple “deserves” to make a profit off its App Store. Anti-Apple deniers say no, and their arguments usually boil down to just a dislike of Apple making a profit (or what they consider a “greedy” profit). The fact is, Apple provides a storefront for developers to sell their apps, and as any store owner would, asks for a piece of the money the developers make as a result. Mall owners ask store owners to pay rent. It’s a normal business transaction. Happens every day. Apple’s App Store provides developers with access, and gives them three ways to pay for the privilege: developers can charge for the app directly (and Apple takes a cut, 30%, same as Amazon); developers can provide the app for “free” and Apple will place ads in the app (ad-supported payment, like Google search); or developers can offer in-app purchases (and Apple takes their 30% cut, one step removed).

Please, bitch. Please.

Because his goose is now being cooked, he cries like a baby.

Where was he when other voices — yes, including mine, very loudly — warned that Apple, Google, Amazon, and others are placing strangleholds on the distribution of books?

I’m not going to repeat my litany of posts and the posts of others for the benefit of Conway and his ilk. Go Google. It’s all out there. More than you’d ever want to read. It goes back for years.

And hey, I can’t blame Apple or Amazon for this debacle.

I blame ComiXology for selling out.

They had the precedent of Amazon buying Stanza. Hey, I’ll be generous and provide a link — no, two! — about that: Amazon Buys Lexcycle/Stanza Reader, Wikipedia: Lexcycle Stanza.

Lastly, stop this absolute stupidity about it being “Apple’s store” or “Amazon’s store” or whoever’s damn store you think it is.

Once I’ve bought hardware, it’s my device — and I should damn well be able to buy what I want for it from any damn store I want to.

I’m not going to cry over ComiXology.

The issue is far bigger than that.

It’s our entire future.

Wake up to it.

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