True Detective





It seemed to me to be somehow different after the third episode. But I’m not going to spin my wheels to find out why I think that.

Across the Net there are jillions of words written about this series. I’ve read very few of them. And of those I’ve read, most have been blah blah blah. And I expect that to be the case with most of the jillions of words I’ve not read too.

I’m irritated that the details of the death of Cohle’s daughter were never given. I think he probably backed over her with his pickup truck while drunk, after an argument with his then-wife (or live-in). He didn’t become Cohle until after that. You can’t be a Cohle and also want to be a cop, period.

I have mixed feelings about the ending. And especially about Cohle’s final line.

But time can do things to people.

You can start out filled with your own brand of certainty, like this …


… only to wind up with the Universe turning on you and running you through its soul shredder:


Cue the pre-quantum mechanics line from Shakespeare and all that shit.

And it wasn’t Cohle’s philosophy that drew people in. It was Cohle’s sense of himself.

What Cohle was basically saying here …


Given how long it’s taken for me to reconcile my nature, I can’t figure I’d forego it on your account, Marty.

… was:

Listen, this is what comes out of my mouth because of who I am. If you don’t like it, shut your fucking ears.

Which people have orgasms over when they see it on fake TV.

Try saying that shit in real life and see how much approval you get from the very same people who get wet over it on TV. I know. Because I do it.

It was well done, but I am getting tired of cops.

Storytelling seems to have shrunk to cops, criminals, or assholes in costumes (“superheroes”).

There’s got to be more than that.


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9 responses to “True Detective

  1. ” It was well done, but I am getting tired of cops.”

    But this wasn’t a cop story. It was a story about two very fucked up, self destructive individuals who just happened to be cops.

    • mikecane

      No. Cops. Only cops could go where they went, do what they did.

      • Keishon

        Hm I agree with the commenter above in that this wasn’t a cop story. Far from it. Difference in opinion and perspective.

        Such disdain for superheroes. Tsk, tsk.

      • mikecane

        It was still a cop story despite the personalities involved.

  2. Keishon

    It was still a cop story despite the personalities involved.

    I don’t see how you can say that “this is just a cop story” when so much of their personal lives were front and center and you don’t explain well why you thought this was just a cop story. So much of what you write above seem to suggest otherwise. The investigation and the end result were only ancillary to the characters and their journey and you barely mention anything about the investigation if it was just a cop story. But no worries. We can agree to disagree on this one.

    • mikecane

      I never said “just” a cop story — I said it was still *a* cop story. Ordinary people do not investigate murder and get away with the shit they did (like Rust bashing a guy’s head in with what looked like a toolbox).

      • Keishon

        Ok, so the whole argument hinges on “a.” My bad for overlooking that. Sometimes cop stories are good vehicles in which to tell other stories. So I don’t tire of them as you do. No comment on the second sentence since in life you never know what the feck people can get away with.

      • mikecane

        >>>No comment on the second sentence since in life you never know what the feck people can get away with.

        Which brings us to criminals and ‘superheroes.” Bleh.

      • As someone who lived in Brooklyn from the mid 80s, was part of the NY hardcore punk scene, I assure you that my friends and I got away with much worse than whacking some guy on the head with a toolbox….and we sure as hell ain’t cops.

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