iFive Mini 3GS: First User Report

It seems to be better than I expected.

Click any photo for very large.

Clearly Five Technology discarded their plain brown packaging and brought back a variation on their original colorful packaging:


The default UI is not MIUI:


MIUI’s Music icon is a single, not double-legged, note. That troublesome iFive Skin 2.5 is gone, so right there is a big improvement. That is the MediaTek-supplied Desktop.

He found that unacceptable and installed the new MIUI ROM:



What was installed prior to MIUI and the free RAM:


The Google bits are present, which is good.

And BAM! AnTuTu (not X, but still acceptable and credible):


It’s normally 27,000-range, but with wiggle room, that’s believable. Much more powerful than the Rockchip 3188-based Retina-class iFive Mini 3.

Samples from the still-disappointing camera:




Look at them full size and you can see. No low-light or indoor samples were posted.

Key points:

1) Even in bright sunlight, reading the screen wasn’t a problem
2) Very fluid operation despite hours of use
3) WiFi signal is very good
4) No problems playing web video, unlike Retina-class iFive Mini 3
5) Installed demo videos play well
6) 3G call quality is good

There will be more as he updates the thread at 5Fans, so those interested should monitor it [Google Translate].

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