iFive Mini 3GS In Hands Of Users

The iFive Mini 3GS is an iPad Mini clone with a Retina-class screen, octa-core MediaTek 6592 CPU, and 3G that is compatible with most countries other than the U.S..

According to Five Technology, the first two hundred units of their pre-sale have been shipped [Google Translate]:


If the above photo is true, Five has also changed the design of their packaging again, returning to a colorful motif over the previous bland brown box.

Another batch of two hundred should ship soon, with the remainder of the special pre-sale units shipping before May 10th.

That will represent the special run of two thousand units Five put up for a special introductory sale in China. Volume manufacturing should begin in a few weeks, after Five gets feedback from the first customers.

Meanwhile, someone claims to have already received their 3GS, the day after shipment [Google Translate]. There’s a brief report [Google Translate]:

System: Android 4.4.2 system occupies significantly less RAM, boot it only takes about five hundred to six hundred M, the system interface is running smoothly, no Caton phenomenon, comes with Google software, for some people may be redundant. Basically no other software pre-installed system, basically the system software. Temporary and have not yet installed other software.

Standby: Standby time is not accurately measured over yesterday, the new machine is not charging, switch twice, plus the use of about 20 minutes, the power consumption is 10%. This little pit, the subsequent need to look at.

Call and wife: call function satisfied, the handset is no obvious noise, the signal is also good, you can full. My lumia820 contrast WiFi connection slower and more.

The important points through the haze of Google Translate:

1) Bootup time is fast (5-6 seconds?)
2) Android 4.4.2 is taking up less storage (likely due to iFive Skin 2.5 not being included)
3) MIUI is not yet included
4) There’s no software stuttering or hesitation
5) 3G works fine

There are no photos posted yet due to the forum’s confusing UI. But the owner said photos will be up soon.

Someone else claims that WiFi signal is poor [Google Translate]. But that report makes no sense or Google Translate is rendering it as a statement and not a question. Unlike prior models in the Mini 3 line, the 3GS doesn’t have an all-metal back. It has plastic panels for the sake of the radios — so WiFi signal should be significantly better than past models.

A third person posts a photo proving he has the 3GS — and shows the odd problem of a SIM card not fitting in its slot [Google Translate]:


Apparently Five didn’t specify the SIM card size users would need.

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4 responses to “iFive Mini 3GS In Hands Of Users

  1. Dai Shan

    Of course this comes out right before I leave China! I have the mini3 and love it (running a modified 4.4.2 ROM that really negates the memory issues it had), but would really love me some 3G capabilities and Retina type screen.

  2. John

    I think that first sentence is about memory consumption after the boot (500-600 megabytes), not about seconds.

  3. artizx

    I had mine for almost a week. Everything seemed to be perfect until today that I just realized it does not have “Compass” as advertised. The detail spec describes its function including Electronic Compass. Today I used GPS on Sygic and noticed that the navigation arrow did not turn when I rotated myself. So I tried to check with its original compass app which I also just noticed that there is NO compass app (original firmware). So I downloaded one from PlayStore, but the compass did not move at all. Even a compass test app showed no azimuth data or anything related to compass, only accelerometer is working. Anyone has any idea if this is a firmare problem? or the hardware does not actually has compass function for this iFive mini 3gs. Other that this eveything else is fine (except camera, we all know that). Thanks.

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