Huawei 4G UltraStick Coming

According to a report about the MeeGoPad (shown running Windows!) at PadNews, Huawei will launch an UltraStick card that will be 4G-capable within the next two months [Google Translate]:

According to leaked before Huawei UltraStick product planning point of view, Huawei will launch 4G LTE network support UltraStick data card in the second quarter of this year, the product sizes and interfaces are consistent with previous UltraStick, that MeeGoPad F10 can also follow Huawei UltraStick 4G data card, upgrade to 4G networks.

I’ve highlighted in yellow and also enlarged the graphic (click for big):


Unlike PadNews, I note it’s listed as “Discussing” and not “Developing.” But perhaps PadNews has behind-the-scenes info that it will actually be released.

So this could throw a curveball into everyone’s tablet thinking. The upcoming Rockchip 3288-based iFive Mini 4 won’t offer any cell connectivity. But the upcoming Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P8 will — because it will have an UltraStick slot.


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4 responses to “Huawei 4G UltraStick Coming

  1. I spoke with a Rep with Pipo corp. two days ago about the new Pipo P8 and it seems like it will only support 900/2100 frequencies – which is very limited – I will further clarify this with Pipo soon and the future with possible 4G

    • mikecane

      I’ve never said UltraStick would work in the U.S. either. Sometimes my posts are American-centric, sometimes not. And I’ve repeatedly stated people should research the frequencies for themselves. I hate the damn confusion of them.

      • I didn’t mention the U.S. – I only said that the tablet is limited to Wireless carriers and countries that make use of 900/2100 frequencies – this is currently a disadvantage to most tablets developed with the Huawei Ultrastick slot – since many countries throughout the world use additional frequencies

      • mikecane

        See this map, which is my guide:

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