iFive Mini 3GS: More User Reports


The first guy is not particularly happy about a screen issue.

But first …

The USB charger remains the same:


The back:


The SIM and microSD card slots:



Screen brightness outside doesn’t seem to be an issue with this model:



His screen complaint:


It’s difficult to see even in the megapixel original, but what I think he’s complaining about is that the screen lamination isn’t edge-to-edge, but I could be wrong. He complains that Five claims the screen is OGS but it seems — at least to him — not to be. I don’t know if he’s the only one with this defect. No one else has mentioned it but he’s complaining about it a lot at the 5Fans forum [Google Translate, Google Translate, Google Translate].

He has no complaints about the AnTuTu score:



Detail screens:




His other complaint is with the camera. He posts several outdoor images which are all crappy looking at full size and are passable at blog-column size. I’m not including those here. The camera being barely good enough has been an ongoing issue with all of Five Technology’s tablets.

He concludes that anyone who wants a device to make calls should get a smartphone instead. A tablet really isn’t the right tool. The higher your expectations for a “call tablet,” the bigger the disappointment. Due to the screen issue, he seems inclined towards returning it. His full report is a Weibo blog, which Google Translate doesn’t work on (copy/paste the text separately for translation).

The second user shows a close-up of the back [Google Translate]:


Which oddly doesn’t have the “2048 x 1536” spec for the screen like the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 does.

This user’s AnTuTu score:



That user is generally satisfied but has an issue with headphones and the physical volume buttons that Google Translate doesn’t make clear. GPS also seems to be a bit of a disappointment.

A third user wonders if the fit of the microUSB port is tight and others say Yes [Google Translate].

Another user points out several bugs, only one of which is clear [Google Translate]. The command bar obscures the bottom of the keyboard, as shown in these Youku video screensnaps:




Even resizing the keyboard doesn’t help. The spacebar is blocked! That’s just not good. But this first batch of two thousand units should really be considered a pay-for beta test, so I expect that issue to be resolved by the time the 3GS is available for sale to everyone.

Aside from the bad camera — which is no surprise — I haven’t seen anything yet that makes the 3GS a tablet to avoid. It’s more powerful than the 3188-based model and even if 3G can’t be used in your country (such as the U.S.), the increase in performance should be enough.

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14 responses to “iFive Mini 3GS: More User Reports

  1. Why do you say the 3g WON’T work in the U.S. ?

    I have another iFive tablet that work’s in the U.S. on both AT&T and T-Mobile and the 3G tablet has 850/900/1800/1900/2100 frequency set as with most Android smartphones

  2. Jonathan

    My parcel has arrived at taobao and now they have to send it to The Netherlands. I suspect I also have one of the first 2000 batch (was shipped May 3rd from seller to taobao agent), so hold on tight :).

  3. Jonathan

    Will do when it arrives :)

  4. Hung nguyen

    It seems that the device doesnt have many sensors like ifive mini 3 retina. So maybe Im out

    • mikecane

      One person mentioned a problem withe the “gravity sensor” (accelerometer?) but others have said theirs have worked. Might be manufacturing defect. What other sensors are there?

  5. RE: Youku video screensnaps

    I received this Reply directly from iFive corporate:

    “We have checked by our testing team.

    According to your provided picture, you seems using “QQ Input PAD version”. We verified this APK with Google Nexus 7. It has the same problem. It should be a compatible issue on APK itself.

    You can try to use “QQ Input Mobile version” or other input APK.”

    • mikecane

      Do you mean the keyboard being obscured? It happens with just that one app? If so, good to know. Thanks.

  6. ukulima

    hello, do you have any feedback about the phone function?
    In fact, I have a specific question for an Ifive 3gs user : I don’t want to use a bluetooth headset. Is it possible to make/receive a call using hands-free kit and keeping the tablette in my bag ? (I know that it isn’t always possible)
    thank you for your answers and sorry for my bad english!

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