More About TV’s “He & She”

The Twelve Best Episodes of HE & SHE

I’ve mentioned He & She several times over this past year. Simply, it’s one of the greatest single season sitcoms ever produced. Shot with multiple cameras in front of a live audience, television historians often cite the smartly written He & She as the missing link between The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966, CBS) and The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977, CBS). At a time when most sitcoms were shot with a single camera and centered around the silly, rural, or supernatural, the realistic He & She featured a sophisticated (and childless) working couple, played by real life marrieds Benjamin and Prentiss, as they went about their quirky lives amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City. Though a critical darling, He & She was an anachronism in the 1967 TV landscape, and unfortunately never found a sizable audience. Shortly after its cancelation, the series was nominated for five Emmy Awards: Best Leading Actor (Benjamin), Best Leading Actress (Prentiss), Best Supporting Actor (Cassidy), and two for Best Writing. The series won in the latter category. Following the ratings war of early 1970 that resulted in a shift towards programming that targeted the hip, young, metropolitan demographic, CBS realized what a blunder they’d made in canceling He & She, and aired reruns as a summer replacement, where it found a new and appreciative audience. The series was truly ahead of its time.

I’ve written about He & She before. Why hasn’t Hulu picked up this series?

Quick, before a DMCA has the account deleted, go see several episodes — as well as other very rare 1960s TV — at this YouTube account.

Same-day update: Even more He & She episodes at this YouTube account. And they’re not sliced into parts!

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