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Sony’s Foretold Disaster Comes True

February 21, 2008: FAIL: Sony Spent $3B To Kill HD-DVD

May 1, 2008: Sony’s Blu-Ray Victory Turns Sour

Today: Sony’s in a ‘bag of hurt’ because of Blu-ray

The second charge is due to what Sony calls “demand for physical media contracting faster than anticipated,” especially in Europe. Because of this, Sony says it does not believe the business will generate “sufficient cash flow in the future to recover the carrying amount of long-lived assets.” It anticipates an impairment charge on those assets, and a second charge on the overall value of its disc manufacturing business, which will amount to 25 billion yen ($245 million).

Not seeing the future costs money.



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The U.S. Patent Office Loses Its Mind

Amazon Patents Studio Photography on Seamless White Background

In a just world, Amazon would be fined several million dollars for trying to get away with that shit.

And everyone in the U.S. Patent Office who handled that application would be immediately fired.


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