The U.S. Patent Office Loses Its Mind

Amazon Patents Studio Photography on Seamless White Background

In a just world, Amazon would be fined several million dollars for trying to get away with that shit.

And everyone in the U.S. Patent Office who handled that application would be immediately fired.


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4 responses to “The U.S. Patent Office Loses Its Mind

  1. The patent is dumb, the patent office and system needs overhauling, but I give Amazon a pass on this one. I think the reason they actually did it was to protect themselves. The offensive patent would be written as vaguely as you can manage, whereas a defensive one says what you are doing so specifically that it would be almost impossible for someone else to infringe. I imagine that either: someone approached them about getting royalties per picture based on some nebulous patent that didn’t apply (software manipulation vs an actual white screen), or asked some questions about the pictures that got Amazon’s lawyer sense tingling (“So what’s up with the Exif data on these product pictures?”/”That looks a lot like the gradient background from Software X, is it?”) and got them into CYA mode. They were so specific that I don’t see how they could say someone else was infringing. It’s definitely easier to do this than to provide evidence in court for every Amazon sourced picture throughout their holdings. This is definitely not why the patent system was established. The system has become a ball and chain. An awkward, heavy weight for holding people down and makes a useful club for keeping them there.

  2. So I guess there’s a mess of photographers out there violating this patent right now. What insanity. Somebody fire the people in the patent office. Good grief.

    I guess now, the only way to have it done on a white background is to Photoshop it. What a headache. The inmates really are running the place now.

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