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Apple To Buy Beats: No Longer An April Fools’ Joke

April 1, 2014: Apple Buys Beats — which was meant as a joke by music industry expert Bob Lefsetz but is damn well worth reading today in light of the rumors that it’s actually going to happen!

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Now You Can Order In English From Jingdong

Thanks to Edward Weinert for alerting me to this.

The Jingdong online mall has started an English-language website.

Their tablet section begins here. For cellphones, go here. For JD-Exclusive New Arrivals, go here.

Cellphones and tablets can now be ordered from Jingdong and shipped to America.

I wonder how this will affect all of the small middleman sellers that have usually filled that gap?

And how long before Alibaba offers this?

Taking the friction and uncertainty out of buying Chinese cellphones and tablets can only increase their popularity and put increasing pressure on second-tier global brand names such as Asus and Acer — and even on first-tier global brands that seem not to care at all, such as HP.


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NVidia’s Secret iPad Mini Clone

From a variety of sources comes word of an NVidia iPad Mini clone that just slays everything now out there and everything that’s still to come.


The Tegra K1 is a monster of a chip that can run as high as 2.3Ghz with a GPU that has a jaw-dropping 192 cores.

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So Pathetic, So Sony

Sony Exiting eBook Markets in Europe and Australia

It’s not surprising given the closures in the North America market, but there was still slight hope that Sony wouldn’t give up on ebook reading for good—that is clearly not the case anymore.

This is another sad tale of Sony giving up on something that they had an integral part in starting. It’s quite pathetic, really. Now ereading fans will lose what little respect they had left for Sony. Nobody likes a quitter.

This is a company that didn’t even know how to start.

Once again, those who were young at Sony said from the beginning the Reader should have wireless. They were overruled by the veteran Suits.

And here we are today.

Everyone involved in this fiasco should resign or be fired.

Previously here:

Sony’s Foretold Disaster Comes True


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Video: iFive Mini 3GS User Demo


A user has posted to QQ a video showing a variety of applications running on the iFive Mini 3GS.

The original 5Fans post [Google Translate] and the full QQ video.

I tried to rip the video and had a mixed result. Out of the near 14-minute video, only the last 9 minutes ripped. Still, it’s of interest and can be seen after the break.

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